Monday, October 8, 2012

Sophie's Art Tour, a journey through Vietnamese art history

Sophie’s Art Tour takes a closer look at the major shifts in 20th and 21st century Vietnam through the eyes of artists. From the grand halls of the HCMC Fine Art Museum to the fresh white spaces of leading contemporary art galleries this journey will take you from colonialism to independence, communism to globalisation.

The journey starts at the Duc Minh private museum where we can see beautiful works from vietnamese student who started learning their art with the french in Hanoi at the Indochina College of Fine Art in 1925. The school was closed because of the war in 1945.
We couldn't take pictures so here are the most famous artist who studied at that time.

Nguyen Gia Tri

Duong Bich Lien

Nguyen Sang
Bui Xuan Phai

Then we went to a private collection of combat art (Frontline Gallery). These paintings really shows how the vietnamese artists were involve into the war and serve their country through their art.

Huynh Phuong Dong

Pham Thanh Tam

Lê Lam

The journey ends to the Fine Art Museum of Ho CHi Minh City, where we can discover the work of the same artists (the one who were trained at the Fine Art College) but at a different period: the pre/post reunification period. 
We can see also new artists belonging to the after war generation  (the post "Doi Moi" period) with 2 categories of art: popular art or abstract art.

beautiful lacquer of Nguyen Gia Tri

Nguyen Sang

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